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Dietary consult

Speak to our dieticians concerning all your dietary needs.

Physiotherapy consult

Our Physiotherapists are available for all conditions amenable to physiotherapy.

Hale Swim & Fitness

Get expert swim lessons for all ages and aqua therapy for a wide range of conditions.

Hale Products

Get a wide range of well researched organic self care and health care products approved by the FDA for your daily lifestyle.


I had this nagging pain in my back for a few months and I visited a lot of places for relief. Just after a few weeks of therapy here, I’m happy to say I’m back normal. I don’t stop commending my physiotherapist anywhere I go.

Moses, East Legon

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment periods could last only a day, in other situations it may last several days. This will be determined by the type of condition presented, investigations done and the goal to be achieved.

Progress made during lessons are individualistic. While others may grasp quickly, others may need time thus lesson periods differ for different individuals but on the average, an adult needs about six to eight lessons to be comfortable in water and or learn a basic swim stroke (breast stroke or freestyle) while kids require about ten to twelve lessons depending on their age to be comfortable in water and or begin a stroke(freestyle or breaststroke).

All products are produced from organic sources under the finest of conditions and are extensively researched and tried worldwide. Oral products are solely supplemental in nature thus have no adverse effects.